Wellness as content

Wellness as content

Io voglio stare bene… Io voglio di più della semplice ospitalità… Io voglio una zona benessere…


Innovative wellness solutions

For wellness, we decided to innovate, and we focused on the research into ancient and refined materials and functional aesthetics.

For saunas, bio-saunas and Turkish baths we use materials featuring natural aromatherapy characteristics such as cedar, eucalyptus, and cypress and any other essence required, combined with stone and coloured glass materials shaped in tesserae of significant dimensions and thickness.

Our products are always custom made. Give us a space, it could also be a basement, and we will transform it into an oasis of relaxation.

The SINUOSAE mini pool line is the architectural current that gives the products a new dynamism, more and more in harmony with today’s lifestyles, with particular focus on the selection of materials.

These large tubs feature an internal part (the one in contact with water) made of mirror polished AISI 316 stainless steel, hygienic and non-toxic, also suitable for marine environments. One of their technical characteristics is that between the sinuous part (seat) and the vertical walls, there is no welding, therefore theoretically no defect.

Maximum freedom in the choice of exterior finishes to best integrate the hydro massage equipment in the existing spaces according to the concept of the “PHOENIX” project; each creation is an exclusive reality:

  • Cedar
  • Fluted teak (naval environment type)
  • Stone material (any)
  • Glass mosaic
  • Corian or Krion

Dimensional drawing collection

The TONDE line is an exclusive creation, combining a Nordic-inspired design with an all-Italian manufacturing, a balanced mix that gives tubs a new perception, transforming them into unique items.

Available in cedar and other wooden versions upon request.

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