Top quality

Exhibition sector

Stands and display techniques integrated with communication


Esperienza, competenza, abilità, originalità, specializzazione.

It is 1996, we are at the beginning of our activity, and we create SERVICE LINE.

We are a team made up of professionals with specific complementary skills ranging from the simple set up to plant engineering (electronic/electrical and hydraulic) according to European and international regulations.

Values such as experience, competence, skill, originality and specialization are priceless.

Everything produced by imagination must be translated into an immediate function, capable of expressing “the individual personality” that creates something different.

With the same resources, our commitment is always aimed at having a more significant impact, so that what has been the object of our study and realization stands out in comparison with other offers.

We design and build international designer projects for multinational corporations such as JACUZZI, ROCA SPAGNA, BANG & OLUFSEN, TREND GROUP (Bisazza).


  • Design and choice of materials, the service includes the study of the delivered briefings to carry out an ad hoc project. The service also, and above all, includes all the products realized according to the design provided by the client.
  • Production
  • Installation
  • Project management based on events
  • Operational coordination with the client for product installation
  • Contacts and coordination with the Exhibition organization, consultancy for filling out forms and obtaining permits.

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