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Customized furniture

Customized furniture


Realizzazioni di Show Room ed arredamento d’interni, mobili su misura

An activity that is born simultaneously with our exhibition production, precisely because the sophisticated clientele we address demands qualitatively very high standards, which allows us to realize showrooms and interior design and furnishings, and custom-made furniture.

We would like to mention ambitious projects such as the TIM’s “Grandi Stazioni” project, the 64 bar/serving counters of the JUVENTUS STADIUM (a subcontract work by Tecnoarredamenti Srl), and the slot rooms of the MSC’s PREZIOSA ship.

Having acquired a high level of expertise over the years, allows us to provide a service that also includes the development of targeted display techniques, and the prototyping of new models of furniture and furnishings, and then move to the phase of industrial production.

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