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Moduli avanzati ad impatto zero.

We present one of our projects: created, designed and implemented by our Team!

The PHOENIX Project is born from our Team’s intuitive skills, that is its ability to perceive the needs of the current market and to translate them in technologically advanced and innovative projects that satisfy its increasingly widespread “desire for wellness”.

Modular structures that are always implementable, designed for evolved and flexible wellness spaces, which can be customized both in terms of design (aesthetic content) and functionality.

A basic module of about 20 square meters is the starting unit for the creation of any space, with variable geometries.


  • Zero-impact modules thanks to the use of selected natural and eco-sustainable materials.
  • Construction carried out according to the criteria of passive houses, that is with very high energy performances and with a very high level of comfort.
  • Very short realization times, thanks to its modular and preassembled structure.
  • Flexibility in the intended use (by implementing the same construction concept as that of wooden frame houses, it is possible to build also houses, garages, outbuildings, etc.).
  • A wide selection of standard finishes and best interior and exterior customization.
  • No exceptions due to special construction solutions and exclusive finishes.


  • A single contact person.
  • Made in Italy Quality.
  • No inconvenience for clients and guests: very short installation times, without interruption of the activity in progress (the installation of the 20 sq. m. basic module requires only one working day).
  • The module and the material warranty (10 years) complies with European regulations.
  • Collaboration, if requested, with international designers.
  • Waterproof, fireproof, recycled, recyclable, and always certified materials.
  • Assistance on equipment.
  • Self-supporting structures, which require only a foundation whose structural characteristics are calculated by us.
  • Minimal bureaucracy: the project is correlated by static calculations and geological parameters for the realization of the foundation.
  • The structures have low energy consumption and are designed to have a phase shift time of about 10 hours (one degree in ten hours, with a thermal Delta of about 20 degrees; this data is variable and depending on the materials used).
  • The module was subject to: AIR-CONDITIONING UNIT STUDY IN A CONFINED ENVIRONMENT OF SMALL DIMENSIONS (16/20 m2– 40/80 m3).This study consists of a set of operations carried out to allow and maintain suitable thermo-hygrometric conditions for the human use of that environment, at any external climatic condition, at any time of the year.
  • The structure is standard. A wide selection of interior finishes: wood, laminate, glass mosaic, wall paint, spatulate, Corian, fibreglass wallpaper, etc.
  • External finishes customizable according to the specific architectural requirements.
  • Modular integration with subsequent steps.
  • No space problems: maximum adaptability to existing spaces.
  • No material on site.

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