Stretch ceilings

PVC stretch ceilings

Un’ottima alternativa al tradizionale cartongesso.

The distribution and installation of stretch ceilings are born as an ancillary activity to exhibition installations, mainly because the time to install a PVC stretch ceiling is shorter than a typical plasterboard ceiling.

In fact, stretch ceilings are an excellent alternative to the traditional plasterboard; they are made with PVC polymer membranes with PVC harpoons welded around its perimeter. The installation is carried out by heating the membrane and the environment where the installation takes place, with suitable heat generators and fixing the membrane harpoons to a perimeter profile in PVC or aluminium, previously installed on the wall or ceiling of the room. With the subsequent cooling, the membrane tends to create a perfectly flat surface.

The space occupied by the perimeter profile is only three centimetres and the final weight of the ceiling, including the membrane and the hooking profile, is less than 300 grams per square meter; this means that 100 square meters of ceiling weighs only 30 KG, compared to the 15 quintals of a ceiling in plasterboard.

It is beneficial in cases where you do not want to add weight to existing structures, such as schools.

All membranes can be printed and customized.

Our stretch ceilings can be installed in particularly humid environments, as they are hypoallergenic and do not alter in case of excessive humidity.

We install VECTA DESIGN stretch ceilings (

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